Painting in the Dictionary

About a year ago I bought an old two volume Britannica World Language Dictionary from Retrospect (on Central Avenue, Knoxville) with the idea that I'd turn the pages into original art.  Unlike those around the country who are making color photocopies on dictionary pages, I am getting out the inks, watercolors, and gouache and tailoring my work to one of the two keywords at the top of the page.  What you see below is only the beginning of what I hope is a long-term project.  In addition to the two volume Britannica and since I moved to Lancaster, PA, my sister-in-law blessed me with a huge old volume of Webster's New International Dictionary and a smaller newer Collegiate Dictionary.  Most illustrated pages can be had for $100 unframed. However, "poetry" and "truck" are framed and $150.  "Calligraphy" is not for sale.  "Emily Dickinson" is $75.



I did this piece for my mother's last birthday 10.12.2016.  She died two weeks later.



Black and white drawing of my hand shortly after engagement!




You've seen this one before, if you have followed anything re: the 2016 International Biscuit Festival. Quote by Carl Sandburg.



Another early work in an unusual color scheme...



My favorite so far, I think...

strawberry festival


Who knew that strawberry festivals could make it into the pages of a dictionary? But I do love strawberries!

truck (A Jolly Good Breakfast)


And this one. The discovery of Westons biscuits is thanks to my fiancé (now husband) Peter Weston.

Emily Dickinson


Well, this isn't technically the dictionary. It's a poetry anthology. And I had the idea of doing quotes on the author's page.



The first dictionary page art work.

tea bag


Just might need some PG Tips with that strawberry shortcake...



I decided to go whimsical with this latest piece.

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    Frances (Friday, 06 January 2017 10:42)

    Just now seeing these - so creative!