a few things I haven't done by hand...

First, an invitation to my sister's graduate piano recital and a poster advertising the same event. The idea behind the images in the poster is to convey that Eva enjoys doing many other things in addition to performing beautifully on the piano--developing friendships over coffee, learning to juggle and unicycle, drawing, spending time outside, and (though it didn't make it onto the poster) baking bread and cooking.

Early in 2010 Eva and cellist Kathleen Bowman performed a series of recitals together at various locations in the Knoxville area. The poster on the left (and matching invitations) drew appreciative crowds to hear a very nice program of French music. Toward the end of 2010 the same duo lined up a second series of recitals (right) featuring a program of music written by composers born in 1710, 1810, and 1910.

More recently, I had the challenging task of designing a postcard for my own exhibit at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville (November/December 2011).

Then there have been the ads I've created for B. Rule & Company who tune, restore, and rebuild organs in the East Tennessee region. I have worked for Brad Rule at various times and at various tasks (holding keys while he tunes, gluing felt and tightening screws on newly fitted keys, spray painting facade pipes, removing pipes for tuning or cleaning, rewiring most of the rebuilt Maryville College organ, etc.), but designing advertisements is a cleaner job, if equally difficult at times.

And one of my newest rabbit trails in art was painting a rooster (from life and photos) and redesigning a logo and two website banners for friends in Pennsylvania who raise show chickens. I think it was Caspian who patiently stood on the dining room table while I drew him, posed for photos, and created very little mess or noise considering how long we had him inside. For more on showing chickens, keeping them in good health, or to see Caspian's portrait gaining national attention, please click the images below.