Quotations, Poetry, Verses, Songs...

I'll start by giving you a taste of the calligraphy I've done at the Hall's house...kitchen, sitting room overlooking the Tennessee River, and master bath (also overlooking the river).  I have since lettered verses in their new house (photos coming soon).

Next, verses lettered one on either side of a doorway at the Holt's.

The Harrises requested that I line the top of their living/dining room walls with the Beatitudes.

This plaque is one of two I painted for a woman who wanted a different plaque and wreath to hang outside her door each season.  We did summer and autumn but have yet to do winter and spring.

An appropriate verse above a back door...

Lettering quotations above the circulation desk in the Bryan College library (Dayton, TN) was the height of my calligraphy exprience--not figuratively, but literally.  These are snatches of quotations from William Jennings Bryan, for whom the college was named.