Two More Dictionary Pages

Close family friends graciously gave us a wedding gift of a week at their Rocky Mountain timeshare, which we recently used for a first anniversary (!) trip.  The Knapps are also avid bird watchers, so I illustrated a Western Scrub Jay on an encyclopedia page with the keyword header BIRD as a thank you/ hostess gift. They had it framed within the week we were in the mountains, so we were able to see the picture hanging on our return to Denver.

CHINESE INK or India Ink, that is the question. Here I painted the nondescript bottle of Speedball super black ink I'm currently using for calligraphy projects and an oblique nib holder I use for scripts like Spencerian or Copperplate. Given the strange eating habits of our neighborhood squirrels, I wouldn't be surprised if that chipmunk were hoping to eat the plastic or drink the ink, then knock over a flowerpot!

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