Painting a Mosaic | Christmas Gift 2

After one of the last meals we ate out on my father-in-law's porch this season, my other sister-in-law commented on how much she would like another small mosaic-topped table for drinks or plates, since there isn't one large table out there that we're all sitting around. Her current little table doesn't have a real mosaic on the top, just a good facsimile; and I had a similar--most recently blank--table I was happy to pass along, if I could come up with a good pattern to paint on the top. 


Like all my projects, this took longer to design, layout, and paint (!). I was going for something that would look authentic and be full of color, since the recipient loves vibrant and varied hues. And it also needed to stand up to a bit of weather, the occasional warm plate, and a fair few perspiring glasses. Peter had coated our coffee table with a good polymer coat (or ten), so with that poured and painted on, the table is ready to go!

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